At AKP we are committed to reducing our environmental impact throughout our business and we are continually improving the way we operate to ensure we are a responsible company.

In our growing operation, we operate carefully planned crop rotations to optimise soil health and minimise the presence of pests and diseases, thus reducing our reliance on fertilisers and pesticides.  When irrigating our crops, we use irrigation scheduling technology to accurately measure soil moisture; this helps us to reduce the amount of water that we use and ensures that irrigation only takes place when necessary.

In addition to this, AKP Crops is certified under the Red Tractor Fresh Produce Scheme, Tesco Nurture, and McCains growers’ scheme.  Membership of these associations require high standards of environmental protection and food quality to be maintained, with an annual audit being carried out by an external certification body.

We are always looking for ways to maximise our efficiency and reduce our impact on the environment by continually updating our fleet. With this in mind, we have invested in six new Euro-6 as they are cleaner than ever, producing 77% less nitrogen emissions and 50% less particular mass compared to the model’s predecessor. In 2014 in an effort to further reduce our Carbon Footprint AKP Invested £500,000 in a 193kWp Solar Power System which provides the electricity for our Potato Storage resulting in an annual Carbon saving of 91.2 tonnes.

As well as investing in technology, at AKP we also invest in our people by providing ongoing training relating to the environment.  For example, this includes NROSO (National Register of Sprayer Operators) workshops and irrigation training for our growing team.