We have a dedicated potato grading and storage facility located at the head offices in Elsham.  ‘Kirmington Potato Services’ (KPS) has two grading lines that are specifically designed to handle potatoes without damaging them, whilst at the same time maintaining a high production output.

One grader is fixed whilst the other is part mobile and can therefore be used for field to store operations.

Both provide a wide range of screens options to enable us to meet the requirements of all customers and are linked to the main computerised stock control system.  This ensures accurate traceability and also enables close monitoring of grading output and product sizing.

During grading, the quality and sizing of the potatoes is monitored by our highly skilled team to ensure that the end product is within the desired specification.

KPS can handle potatoes in any form as they arrive from the field. This includes jumbo bags, boxes and speed control belt bulkers which can all be fed directly into the grading lines.