Growing in excess of 1,500 acres, AKP works closely with our expanding network of growers across the UK and overseas to ensure that we can offer our customer base a wide range of varieties throughout the year.

Using the best quality seed available, we ensure that great care is taken to ensure that our potatoes are planted only when the conditions are suitable. Factors such as the variety, soil type, weather conditions and target market effect the timing of this process, this means waiting for the soil to warm up in the Spring and that the beds are carefully prepared by de-stoning. This is where our Agronomy team use their expertise to assist growers at a time when preparation and planning are paramount.

Our dedicated team remain on hand throughout the growing season to support the growers in producing the best possible crops for their intended markets.

AKP supply potatoes into all sectors of the Potato industry and are therefore looking to engage and set up mutually beneficial partnerships with growers who can produce a range of different varieties.