AKP has three types of potato grower arrangements, which together make up the AKP potato supply chain.

Own Growing

This refers to our own farming operations in Suffolk (Kerr Farms) and Lincolnshire, where we grow in excess of 1,500 acres of potatoes.

AKP Member Growers

These growers commit 100% of their potato production to AKP for marketing on an agreed open-book commission basis. We work very closely with these growers to agree a production plan which best suits the farm and agree varieties to grow according to customer requirements. This is dependent upon the marketing window in terms of how our calendar best fits a farm’s marketing plan. For example, some farms grow early potatoes, marketing June to October; others grow storage potatoes, marketing November through to June.

AKP Overseas Partner Growers

AKP also trades with a large number of growers in the UK and across Europe and the Mediterranean on a weekly basis. It is not necessary to commit 100% of crops grown in order to benefit from AKP’s management expertise. We tailor arrangements to suit the individual grower.