The ‘Manitou’ is a new type of red potato from leading seed company Agrico that had originally been bred for the North African market. It is a medium late, red skinned, maincrop table, variety with large, uniformly sized oval/long tubers with shallow eyes and a light yellow flesh colour

A rather firm cooking type, with a good dry matter content, Manitou is suitable for baking, roasting, home fries and makes a lovely, smooth mashed potato

In order to achieve good tuber numbers, pre-sprouting (chitting) is recommended. Planting directly out of store is not recommended. The removal of sprouts more than once will affect the tuber numbers.

Planting distance for tuber size 35/55mm is about 35cm (40,000 plants per Ha).

Proper ridging up is necessary. DO NOT use Metribuzin (e.g. Sencorex) as it gives severe foliage reaction and serious yield reduction. Foliage development of Manitou is good. Foliage is firm and soil coverage is good. After haulm killing allow at least 3 weeks before harvesting to achieve a good skin set, and anywhere up to 6 weeks to avoid the potential for scuffing.

Standard rates of Nitrogen and Phosphate are sufficient. The recommendation for Potassium is 10% more than standard.

Manitou has a good dormancy and is suitable for medium to long term storage at a temperature of between 3 to 5oC.