We’re better together, and building real partnerships matters to us. As one of the largest potato growers in the UK, we consult and collaborate to get the very best. For you, for us and your customers.

Using the finest seed available, we only plant potatoes when the conditions are right. When the time is spot on, the weather is perfect and our agronomy team says go. Only then do we start the process of getting the very best crop onto the shelves and into the market.

We do things the right way, implementing integrated farm management across our growing area, utilising winter cover crops, livestock integration, reduced cultivations and water management. All forming part of our LEAF accreditation.

And we don’t just grow our own. We work with growers across Europe to improve standards, profitability and keep the supply chain moving. We don’t stand still. We make it happen, every time.

If we can help you make that first step, get in touch.