At AKP Group, we produce and supply over 14,000 tonnes of premium potato seed to businesses across the UK and abroad each year. We know how important it is for our network of growers to cater to their own customers’ requirements, and our team has a wealth of knowledge and expertise when it comes to the growing, storing and marketing of potato seed.

To meet growing demand for high-quality seed, we are committed to ensuring the sustainable production of our seed, ensuring long-term satisfaction – not only today, but also in the years to come. 

Last year, ongoing challenges such as adverse weather conditions and the conflict in Ukraine led to a contraction in the volume of potatoes grown, resulting in a rapid depletion of national seed production. This has forced our customers to make urgent decisions, and as a consequence, we are also now in advanced discussions with them to make longer term commitments on seed. To address potential shortages for the upcoming harvest, we encouraged our growers to secure their seed orders sooner rather than later, so that we could cater to their individual requirements. 

As we look ahead to the 2025 planting season, we are initiating and encouraging discussions about seed availability. This summer, we’re welcoming new customers to view our growing stocks of seed, to help them to choose the best options to suit their business.

Our seed supply

We’re proud of our ongoing relationships with the UK’s major seed houses, who work tirelessly to develop and supply varieties that meet and exceed expectations, amidst changing growing conditions. These long-standing relationships allow us to supply a number of potato varieties ideal for crisping, chipping and prepacking – 35 principle varieties, to be exact.

We can cater for seed supply throughout the country, from the Black Isle to Gloucestershire, and our dedicated team is on hand to support growers throughout the seed selection process. We’re here to help growers fulfil their requirements, from large-scale supply of our most popular varieties, to small quantities of lesser-known, niche varieties.

As a result of our ever-changing climate, growers are showing a preference for varieties that can withstand harsh weather conditions, and with disease resistant properties. 

The process

Healthy, high-quality seed potatoes are essential for growing vigorous, high-yielding and marketable potato crops.  

Our ability to trace our seed back to its origins allows us to consistently provide the highest quality seed potatoes. By overseeing the production of our seed, we gain extensive control over its quality. This, in turn, guarantees our growers receive precisely what they expect – premium seed at the best price.

Our seed is cultivated in optimal conditions, with a low incidence of disease and virus, and it is regularly inspected to uphold crop health. We work with our seed suppliers throughout the potato production chain, from mini-tuber production to classification. The mini-tuber production process is carried out under strict conditions, enabling our seed to have the best, disease-free start. 

Thanks to the stringent Seed Potato Classification Scheme (SPCS), which is imposed upon the entire seed production chain, our seed potatoes retain their high-health status, right up to the point of sale. Growers can rest assured knowing that our commitment to delivering excellence remains at the heart of what we do.

Our growers can be confident that they are buying and growing seed that has been produced by experts, under the best possible conditions. Working closely with them, we ensure a supply of healthy, quality and marketable produce, 365 days per year.

Planning for 2025

We possess an in-depth understanding of our crop availability and align it meticulously with the specific needs of our growers, and meet the demands of customers in the respective markets.

Given the industry’s challenge of limited seed supply, we are encouraging all customers, whether longstanding or new, to promptly establish their seed plans for the upcoming 2025 season and beyond. In anticipation of an increased demand, particularly for sought-after varieties such as King Edward, we advise growers to take proactive measures, as these varieties are expected to be in high demand sooner rather than later.

We’re open to discussions with customers who would like to discuss the availability of seed for planting as soon as possible. If you are a grower looking to realise your potential, or a customer who needs a reliable supplier, get in touch with our team today. 

Together, we will all grow better together.