We recently welcomed Wolds Produce into the AKP Group.

As one of the country’s top seed production and potato marketing businesses, Wolds Produce supplies quality seed potatoes to all sectors of the potato market.

Wolds Produce was set up as a potato trading business in 2004, offering crops from the Yorkshire Wolds region to packers. The company has since grown to become a major potato supplier in the crisping, chipping and potato seed industries, and currently trades over 50,000 tonnes of potatoes in the UK and abroad. 

By combining the expertise, resources and experience of AKP Group and Wolds Produce, we can achieve economies of scale. Our complementary partnership will drive innovation and build a stronger, more resilient supply chain, ultimately contributing to the growth of the UK farming sector.

Together, we’re working hard to elevate industry standards, improve profitability and maintain an efficient, robust supply chain.

Working with Wolds produce means that we can provide a comprehensive potato supply chain solution, from variety and seed selection, to new contracting opportunities, as well as the utilisation of superior grading and storage facilities.

All of this ensures that the right potatoes are distributed to the right market, at the right price.

Wolds Produce is also one of the largest independent seed producers in the UK, supplying high-quality seed to businesses across the country, and supplying potatoes into many of the UK’s well known crisp manufacturers.

We look forward to merging our expertise and consolidating our respective strengths to make it happen for UK farming.